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When Do You Know?

When do you know when you have landed on the right website and found the right REALTOR® to help you negotiate the Purchase of your new home or the Selling of your current home?

I know it’s exhausting and it is a tough decision to select the right professional to represent you.  In addition, you and I also know that visiting another 10 to 30 REALTOR®  sites is not going to answer that question anytime-soon either.

Allow me to help make the right decision easier for you... "Let not your heart be troubled".

It is a known fact that no two Real Estate transactions are the same.  With that in mind,  you should know that some Real Estate transactions are a little more challenging than others. Here is where my expertise and knowledge, that is required for the entire sales process, becomes more visible and you will be very appreciative of my skills.

I bring "to the table" years of experience, up-to-date Real Estate knowledge, utmost professionalism, negotiating skills,  along with trust,  honesty and that much needed - personal touch.  These just mentioned qualities of mine are the KEY components to bringing together 2-parties in order to facilitate an agreed upon "Point-of-Sale".                       I always apply much effort to assure that the entire process will go as smooth as possible, have it be a pleasant experience and with the end result of course being a successful transaction.

If your need to SELL or BUY is because of a (1) corporate relocation, (2) you are a first time home buyer, (3) you want to be located in a particular school district (4) want to move closer to your place of employment (5) down sizing,  (6) looking for that investment "fixer upper",  or (7) if your family is growing and you need a larger home - then you have come to the right place.

Just so you know, I am also experienced with Short Sales as a listing agent and a buyer agent.  I am also available to consult you about Pre-Foreclosure solutions and/or other options as well.

In addition, I always find it a pleasure working with Veterans and those currently in the MilitaryWith the VA Home Loan Program, my objective is to negotiate and get you into a home with a "zero" down payment. 

For the year 2018 in San Diego County:  There was 33,671 Houses, Condo's, Twinhomes and Townhomes "SOLD".  Of that number,  98.8% (33,272) were that of "traditional equity sales"....these are homes that have equity and are considered a “NORMAL sale".  This means that the remaining 1.2% (399) of homes sales are those known in the Real Estate Industry as a “Distressed Sale”. These distressed homes are a combination of SHORT SALES (homeowner owe’s more than home is valued) plus the homes that had been Foreclosed-on which are known as REO’s (Real Estate owned by the bank/lender).   For the year 2018 Short Sales sold were 0.7% (243 total) and REO's were 0.5% (156 total). 

As-you-know, not long ago there was a lot of "great deals" in buying a Short-Sale or a Foreclosed home. Those great deals/sales of "distressed homes" are disappearing fast as more and more banks/lenders are currently asking for the distressed home to sell at-or-close-to the market value of comparable "non-distressed" homes. 

San Diego residential REALTOR - Oscar Castillo - Broker Associate (858) 775-1057

                                                                                                                                     I represent both residential Sellers and Buyers.  My commitment is to strive for excellence. My guiding principle and motto is that I am here to “Help, Guide & Accomplish” your Real Estate needs and goals.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          If you are looking for a home anywhere in San Diego, I invite you to utilize my website as an additional online tool to help you search for the home that best fits your needs.

Keep-in-mind all my website data is a direct feed from the REALTOR® Multiple Listing Service (San Diego MLS) and is updated daily. 

Whether you plan on Selling and/or Purchase,  always know that it would be my pleasure to answer any immediate questions you may have.  Make it a point to contact me and if you like what you hear - then together we can start working towards accomplishing your Real Estate needs & goals..... Sounds fair enough?

You can reach me anytime at (858) 775-1057   *OK to text me as well.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Oscar Castillo


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