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For Sale - In Escrow - SOLD

Mon, Mar 16th 2020 2:15 pm by Oscar Castillo All San Diego CA Real Estate

For Sale-In Escrow-SOLD

To a home Seller the words "In Escrow" and "SOLD" are a pretty sweet sound to hear. As of late, the word "SOLD" is being echoed over-and-over throughout the County of San Diego California. In addition: Sellers are experiencing the price tag of their home being driven-up, this due to the noticeable influx of buyers that are coming out in droves.

Why are there so many potential buyers "out there?" Well I'm glad you          asked :)  Currently there is two major reasons that are contributing to home price increases and a higher than usual amount of buyers at this time of season. Another thing that is very noticeable, as-of-late, is that Prudent-Buyers are we...

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Core factors about todays Real Estate market

Sat, Sep 7th 2019 2:30 pm by Oscar Castillo All San Diego CA Real Estate

Core items affecting today's Real Estate market.

Here is a couple of "tidbits" about today's San Diego residential Real Estate market... lately there has been a lot of Up, Down, Horizontal and Sideways "activity" in regards to core factors that encompass the Real Estate market.

When compared to the first 3-months of 2019, the “quantity” of home sales have largely increased during the months of April thru September. What has contributed to this current increase in the “quantity” of home sales is that the buyer-side wisely studied the earlier months of stagnant sales and took advantage of that by masterfully negotiating lower purchase prices.

Buyers thinking of trying to negotiate a lower price was not the case e...

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Saving for DOWN PAYMENT on a Home

Fri, Jun 14th 2019 7:15 am by Oscar Castillo All San Diego CA Real Estate

Saving for DOWN PAYMENT on a Home

Saving for Down Payment

First of all you need to establish a “plan”, stick to it and discipline yourself in regards to putting an “end” to unnecessary expenditures. Sure it is fun to go out to dinner, or go watch a professional sports team, see a play at a theatre, watch new movies or pick-up an expensive cup of coffee etc, etc, etc… but the reality of it is that by cutting back on those type of expenditures you can and will increase your savings and it will get you closer-and-closer towards the “goal” of having a sizeable down payment for your envisioned purchase of a home.

In addition, stay “focused” - I can’t say that enough because this, by-no-means, is goi...

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When is the Best time to SELL your home or BUY a Home?

Fri, May 31st 2019 2:45 am by Oscar Castillo All San Diego CA Real Estate

When is Best time to SELL your Home or BUY a home

When is the best time to sell your home?

I guarantee you that you will hear that "this" is a good time or "that" is a good time and in addition something to the matter like "during these months" or "during those months". But the reality is - the best time to sell is when you are good and ready to sell or when there is a sudden need to sell.

As-you-know, life has a lot of ebb and flows, so it is hard and if not impossible to know what is "around the corner of life". Therefore, because of some unforeseen reason, there could be a life changing need to sell rather quickly. And as-you-know this could happen to either one of us at any time during the year.

Granted there is pe...

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Home roof replacement in your near future?

Thu, May 16th 2019 11:15 pm by Oscar Castillo All San Diego CA Real Estate

Roof replacement take LRV consideration

Here is what is said about many homeowners who are about to replace the roof of their home the Light Reflectance Value (LRV) will initially not be all that important to them. This because what could be more of a priority, to that homeowner, is that the roof color needs to be coordinated with and/or be complementary to the current color scheme of their home exterior walls and trim.

If it is within your budget, the homeowner can also choose to change the colors of the exterior to complement the new roof color. Either way, initially the LRV is not what one thinks of first while in the initial process to purchase a new roof. I get it-believe me-I get it, the cosmeti...

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Home Sellers and Buyers - Wanted

Sun, Apr 28th 2019 4:30 pm by Oscar Castillo All San Diego CA Real Estate

Home Sellers and Buyers wanted

That's right !... currently the Real Estate industry wants more Sellers and Buyers to take that Leap-of-Faith and jump into the "next step" that will change your life.

As the above image states, there is a REWARD FOR EACH !... what is that reward your may ask?,
(1) the Sellers can "move on to the next chapter of their life". Many Sellers: for example, want to sell so that they can move closer to their grandchildren, others are at a point where they need to downsize. And for others sellers, they more-than-likely need a larger home as their family members keep increasing.

(2) the reward for Buyers is that they indeed could be following their "life plan" of their h...

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4 HOME SALES - Realty... All San Diego

Wed, Mar 13th 2019 3:15 am by Oscar Castillo All San Diego CA Real Estate

4 HOME SALES Realty all San Diego

4 Home Sales - Realty : all San Diego

Make it a point to contact Oscar Castillo (Broker of record) so that he may consult you and guide you through the Selling of your home or the home Buying process.

4 HOME SALES Realty is a relatively new brokerage that can in fact save every home seller a sizable and "real" amount of money in regards to the SALE of your home. Although it is located in Escondido, that does not mean that we are limited to serving only the Escondido area (ie: North Inland).

When it comes down to it, San Diego is really not that big of a town, so why should our Real Estate sales involvement only be in the North Inland part of town? - The reality ...

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Should I Buy a House with a Swimming Pool ?

Wed, Feb 27th 2019 3:15 am by Oscar Castillo All San Diego CA Real Estate

Should I buy a house with swimming pool

Should I buy a house with a swimming pool?

A very important thing you might want to ask yourself is “am I going to use the pool frequently?” … please don’t get me wrong here because it is not that I do not want you to buy a house with a pool,  I just want to give you an idea of the maintenance, time involved and some other costs associated with pool ownership - such as additional home insurance.

Since homeowners with pools face the potential liability for pool-related injuries or even a drowning accident, your insurance provider will most likely ask you to consider increasing your liability coverage above-and-beyond what's already offered through your homeown...

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Pricing Showdown - Between Home Buyers and Sellers

Fri, Feb 8th 2019 2:15 pm by Oscar Castillo All San Diego CA Real Estate

Home Pricing Showdown

Current market price of homes have reached a "showdown" between the Seller's and Buyer's.  I'm calling it a "showdown" because what is meant is that home prices appear to have reached their peak (for now) and Buyer's are showing signs that they have reached a point where they simply cannot afford to pay those prices especially if they keep going up.... An impasse? - you and I both know that something has got to "give" soon.

Even knowing that prices have reached a "peak point" some sellers are still not willing to be flexible on their list price - for now that is, and one cannot really blame them.

And then on-the-other-hand, most Buyer's are not willing to offer a...

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Will Lowering Mortgage Rates bring out Buyers?

Fri, Jan 25th 2019 6:45 pm by Oscar Castillo All San Diego CA Real Estate

Bring out buyers Lower the Mortgage rates

Will lowering Mortgage Rates bring out buyers?

I get asked this question a lot lately. My answer is: Of course lower mortgage rates will "bring-out" buyers, more-so than keeping interest rates stagnant or bumping them up a tad bit, only to bring them down a tad bit.

With slow homes sales here in San Diego, it almost seems like buyers are saying... "throw me a bone" so that I can reciprocate and apply more effort in my search and home buying process. And of course we know that the "bone" here is lower interest rates which also means smaller mortgage payments.

It does not matter what side of the political spectrum you attach yourself to, but there certainly is a d...

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Selling my home - do I owe Capital Gains Tax ?

Fri, Mar 16th 2018 11:30 am by Oscar Castillo All San Diego CA Real Estate

Sale of Home Capital Gains Tax Exclusion

Upon selling my home, do I owe any Capital Gains Tax?

You may be in a situation where you may owe none at all…this because (1) if there is a loss on the sale, then there is no Capital Gains that are applicable. Also know that “losses” are not deductible relative to the sale of your home.

On the other hand (2) if there is a profit on the sale, then you may be subject to owing a Capital Gains tax.

So before you panic, you the home seller needs to understand the rule in regards to a potential Exclusion of Capital Gains Taxes. There is some “details” the home seller needs to know and I will explain them as we-continue-on with this article OK?

How and how much of ...

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Know the Temperature of your Home !

Tue, Feb 27th 2018 1:10 pm by Oscar Castillo All San Diego CA Real Estate

Keep your Home Hot for re-sale

When I say "know the temperature of your home", what I mean is that in Real Estate your home is either cold, warm or hot - this in regards to a quick or slow dragging of the time it takes to get a purchase offer once your home is on the market.

Once a homeowner decides to sell, then of course you want to get a "quick and fair" offer rather than waiting, waiting and waiting sometimes to a point where the homeowner starts to wonder if their home will sell "at all". In the eyes of a buyer, your home needs and/or should to be in the "hot" mode.

What is meant by a "hot" mode?

A "hot" home on-the-market is considered to be one that has a 75% or higher-chance of ge...

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Fall in LOVE - with your Front Doors again.

Wed, Feb 14th 2018 2:30 am by Oscar Castillo All San Diego CA Real Estate

Love in Front Doors again

Wood Front Doors need your "Love" also !

Are your front doors and/or door showing drastic signs of being highly weathered and the topcoat/finish is cracking, peeling or has completely deteriorated?  If your answer is YES - then it is best to "refinish" the wood sooner rather than later. Do this before any further damage is done by the exterior elements such as the sun, rain and humidity.

Furthermore, the unprotected wood (with no topcoat) can further be damaged to the point where the wood will start to split or crack... remember front door replacement costs are expensive. The odds are in your favor in avoiding the replacement of any doors if you inspect them ab...

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"Dress Up" your Slope - Hillside

Wed, Jan 31st 2018 9:25 am by Oscar Castillo All San Diego CA Real Estate

Dress up your Hillside

Great ground cover on slopes on your property are dual purposed. One is the beauty of the plants and the other purpose is that it helps in the prevention of any dirt and water run-off.  

We all know that slopes/hillsides on most properties are usually larger areas than what is depicted in the above pictures used for this article. The pictures are meant to give you an idea of what can be done to beautify the hillside while at the same time you are taking preemptive action in regards to avoiding any potential water run-off and soil erosion due to heavy rains.

If you know that someday you will be selling your home, a great and well thought out ground cover adds to the...

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Street Potholes - do affect the value of your home.

Thu, Jan 18th 2018 2:05 pm by Oscar Castillo All San Diego CA Real Estate

     Street Potholes do affect value of your home          

If you live in a neighborhood where asphalt street maintenance appears to not be a priority of your City Street Department, this could be costly to you as a homeowner because continual unsightly potholes and dry cracked asphalt are attributable to driving the value of your home "downward" and/or at the minimum they hinder the increase of value in comparison to similar homes at nearby neighborhoods that have better maintained streets.

For example if you have your house for sale and it is very obvious that the asphalt has not been maintained on a routine basis, potential buyers will see this street neglect thus making your home/neighborhood less desir...

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Baking Soda - many uses at home.

Sun, Dec 31st 2017 9:15 am by Oscar Castillo All San Diego CA Real Estate

Baking Soda many uses at home

Have some baking soda around your home? Many household surveys state that baking soda is a great product to have at home because it can be utilized for many household purposes. Some uses are listed in the picture above but below I have also included more uses for what I personally call a "magical and brilliantly created product".


1)  Make Toothpaste - a paste can be made with baking soda or sprinkle some over your tooth paste and brush thus giving you an extra boost to cleansing.

2)  Freshen Your Mouth - Put one teaspoon in half a glass of water, swish, spit and rinse. Odors get neutralized, not just covered up.

3) Soa...

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Flood Insurance - Myths and Facts

Fri, Dec 15th 2017 7:20 am by Oscar Castillo All San Diego CA Real Estate

Residential Flood Insurance Myths and Facts

It is easy to say “I do not need flood insurance” because my house is not in a flood zone or that you have been told that I (homeowner) cannot get flood insurance because of the location of my home. These statements validate what many homeowner’s think in regards to flood insurance coverage on their homes/property.

Initially, flood insurance may not be on every property owner’s mind, but the reality is that it is more important to have coverage than most homeowners think.

Many homeowners do not think that flooding will have any affect to their property – until it’s too late.

Sadly there is also many homeowners who are not aware of what their homeowner’s insuranc...

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Supplemental Property Tax Bill

Thu, Nov 30th 2017 8:45 am by Oscar Castillo All San Diego CA Real Estate

Supplemental Property Tax Bill

OK so you bought a house, you are all settled-in and then a couple of weeks later you receive in the mail a “Supplemental Property Tax Bill”. Your first words that come out probably will be… What the heck is this?  Then you start thinking that you were told that all your property taxes are to be paid via your escrow impound account – mortgage holder/Lender (also known as an escrow account)…. and you also specifically remember being consulted that in addition to your monthly mortgage payment, one-twelfth of your annual property taxes is to be included in that monthly payment.  Keep that thought as we continue along on this page OK ?

Note:  You are not alone in receiv...

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Electrical Power Distribution - Residential

Wed, Nov 15th 2017 8:15 am by Oscar Castillo All San Diego CA Real Estate

Electrical Power Distribution

The following is a condensed version of how electricity is generated and how electricity travels through the various stages of the power-distribution-grid. Ultimately the electricity is safely transmitted to our homes, place of work and/or business.

How do we generate electricity ?

Electricity is produced at Thermal Power Plants. All aspects of producing and the distribution of electricity are important but the first step is to produce heat. The production of heat can come from various fuel sources… such as coal, oil, natural gas, or nuclear energy. Coal, oil and natural gas fuel sources are fed into a combustion chamber.

The heat from the combustion chamber is used...

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Backflow Preventers

Tue, Oct 31st 2017 4:15 pm by Oscar Castillo All San Diego CA Real Estate

Backflow Preventer Assemblies - Residential or Commercial

Ever see one of the above pictured beauties alongside a road or on the side of a home?  They come in various sizes depending on the amount of water flow that they are meant to handle.  They are called “Backflow Preventers”  (aka: Backflow Prevention Assemblies).

What type of water flows through them - drinkable or irrigational ?

What flows through is what is known as piped “Potable Water”. This is the “field” sanitation standard name which defines "Potable Water" as water that meets the quality standards prescribed and identified in the U.S. Public Health Service Drinking Water Standards. In-other-words, “potable water” is known as water which is approved for drink...

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Search The MLS Get Green Market Value

Posted By Oscar Castillo on Mon, Mar 16th 2020 2:15 pm
For Sale - In Escrow - SOLD

To a home Seller the words "In Escrow" and "SOLD" are a pretty sweet sound to hear. As of late, the word "SOLD" is being echoed over-and-over throughout the County o...Read More

Posted By Oscar Castillo on Sat, Sep 7th 2019 2:30 pm
Core factors about todays Real Estate market

Here is a couple of "tidbits" about today's San Diego residential Real Estate market... lately there has been a lot of Up, Down, Horizontal and Sideways "activity" in regard...Read More

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