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When is the Best time to SELL your home or BUY a Home?

Posted By Oscar Castillo @ May 31st 2019 2:45am In: All San Diego CA Real Estate

When is Best time to SELL your Home or BUY a home

When is the best time to sell your home?

I guarantee you that you will hear that "this" is a good time or "that" is a good time and in addition something to the matter like "during these months" or "during those months". But the reality is - the best time to sell is when you are good and ready to sell or when there is a sudden need to sell.

As-you-know, life has a lot of ebb and flows, so it is hard and if not impossible to know what is "around the corner of life". Therefore, because of some unforeseen reason, there could be a life changing need to sell rather quickly. And as-you-know this could happen to either one of us at any time during the year.

Granted there is peak times to sell and there could be a lost opportunity for the homeowner to "net" more money on the sale, but if you are "not ready" during those so-called peak periods, then the homeowner will go back to their original thought process of "I will sell when I am ready" and essentially the reality of that is - that is the best time to sell.

When is the best time to buy?

Same as mentioned above... when you are good and ready !!  Like any other buyer, there is a lot of economic factors to consider, for example current mortgage interest rates, job security, up and downs of home market values, tax deductions, rent vs buy, how much are you pre-approved for, and do you have enough for a "down payment"?  Sure there are "valleys" (down seasonal market prices) that takes place throughout any year and many would say that the "valley of the market" is the best time to buy in order to get a good deal, but if you are not ready - then you are not ready. Therefore, the best time to buy is when you the buyer/s are ready and good to go.

As you have seen and heard, there is a lot of rhetoric out there in regards to when to sell or buy. But the most important thing is for you to listen to your heart, mind and your wallet (ie: financial situation)... "combined" they will always tell you when is the right time and exact time to either SELL or BUY.

So when you are ready to Sell or Buy and the "time is right for you", then take that next step and make it a point to contact 4 HOME SALES - REALTY. We operate out of Escondido California, but always know that we do indeed cover and represent all of San Diego County.


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