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Valley Center is a community in transition from a small rural town to a suburban "bedroom" community. This transition has been underway for several years. This has resulted in some agriculture, such as large fruit orchards, giving way to housing development.

Traditionally, the town and the surrounding areas have largely been dedicated to agricultural uses.

Various commercial crops include oranges, lemons, and avocados. More recently farmers have taken up other crops, including ornamental floral products such as lavender. Additionally, there is a thriving animal farming industry including egg-producing hens and llamas.

Other Valley Center agricultural farms, include the Hilldaye Farm Llama Ranch and the Tierra Miguel Organic and Educational Farm.

Part of the growth of Valley Center can be attributed to larger parcels of land being “split” and sold in smaller parcels. Currently there is requirement of parcels being sold to be a minimum size of 2-acre parcels.

Of course the result of this “splitting” will result in population expansion, particularly in the town's central area. Even with current growth, it is reasonable to characterize the town as "semi-rural".

Some changes in the community can be attributed to the expansion of Indian casinos in the area. There are currently two major casinos in the vicinity of Valley Center - Harrah's Rincon and Valley View; both were opened in 2001-02, bringing traffic and jobs to what used to be an out-of-the-way agricultural town.

High traffic necessitated highway improvements, partially paid by casino contributions.

Despite these changes, there are still no chain department stores in the community; residents do their shopping in smaller "mom and pop" stores or drive west to Escondido.

Once a year, parts of the city are closed down for an event known as Valley Center Western Days. This event is traditionally held over the Memorial Day weekend and consists of a community parade followed with a gathering at the Valley Center Community Center and a rodeo.

Another event of particular interest is the Lavender Harvest Festival at Key Creek Lavender Farm.


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