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Home Sellers and Buyers - Wanted

Posted By Oscar Castillo @ Apr 28th 2019 4:30pm In: All San Diego CA Real Estate

Home Sellers and Buyers wanted

That's right !... currently the Real Estate industry wants more Sellers and Buyers to take that Leap-of-Faith and jump into the "next step" that will change your life.

As the above image states, there is a REWARD FOR EACH !... what is that reward your may ask?,
(1) the Sellers can "move on to the next chapter of their life". Many Sellers: for example, want to sell so that they can move closer to their grandchildren, others are at a point where they need to downsize. And for others sellers, they more-than-likely need a larger home as their family members keep increasing.

(2) the reward for Buyers is that they indeed could be following their "life plan" of their housing needs, they could be moving into that dream home, getting into a home that meets their current needs or they have found that "forever" home.

Simply know that right now is a good time to sell because if the indicators are correct, the value of homes are currently experiencing a downward trend... so why wait if values tend to be going down?  Hey for all we know, the values could go up again soon but the market already has shown that the previous upward trend in values were "outpacing" the salaries of potential buyers and that alone could explain the "lull" in buyer inactivity as of late.

The market has been adjusting itself, therefore values have been slowly going down to where it can be more affordable to buyers. As a homeowner and if you are thinking of selling, I would take that leap-of-faith now.

For both Sellers and Buyers, don't you think that it is time to move-on with your life?  In regards to affordability: and with you possibly knowing that this current reduced value situation is more-than-likely as you have planned it but for some reason something is holding you back. Again, same as with the sellers, take the leap-of-faith today !!

Regardless if you are a potential Seller or Buyer, whatever is holding you back is exactly a microcosm of the current Real Estate market.... when we expand on that and look at the market in a "larger picture" (ie: macro)... well there we have it entirely explained to us as a whole !! - that is that the current Real Estate market "is of low activity" because people are "holding back" for the time being. So this translates to not enough activity, on both sides, as it should be around this time of year and both parties could be missing-out in regards to the next chapter of their life... don't get me wrong, for I know the next chapter will happen, but you need to ask yourself "why wait?".

Sellers and Buyers need to take that leap-of-faith and "write" that next chapter of their life. And as it has been written.... you will be rewarded.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

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