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More "VA Financed" Home Purchases needed in San Diego, CA

Posted By Oscar Castillo @ Jan 7th 2017 9:25am In: All San Diego CA Real Estate

More VA financing needed for Veterans and current active military

San Diego is a great town to live in. It is known to be that because of its almost perfect year round weather conditions which allows outdoor activities to seemingly always be going on throughout the entire City and County.

There is one other aspect of San Diego – and that is that we have military bases of most all branches of the armed forces located here. With that said, San Diego is considered to be a “military town” therefore there is a lot of military Veterans and active military personnel currently living here.

San Diego has an enormous gratitude and respect for our current military and Veterans. Therefore, I would like to see and be involved in consulting these great men and woman on the purchase of a home - thus utilizing the VA Home Loan Program and guiding you on how to obtain VA financing.  

Did you know that for the year 2016 there was 38,143 total Homes and Condo's sold within our beautiful San Diego County.  And of that number only 5,090 were purchased via "VA Financing" (13.3 % of total sales).

Having said that, San Diego is a Military town correct?  So wouldn't it be great if we had more Veterans and/or Current Active military personnel buying more homes than last year?  Let’s work together on this and lets get you out of those “always rising RENT’” payments… the dream of home ownership can become a reality for you.

Therefore, make it a point to contact Oscar Castillo – a Broker Associate REALTOR®  who is a San Diego area VA Home Sales Specialist.

By the way the 2017 VA "ZERO down" Loan Limit in San Diego is currently at $612,950 (ie: you could be eligible for a ZERO down payment up to a $612,950 purchase)

VA's Jumbo maximum Loan amount in San Diego is at $1,500,000 (VA Home purchases in excess of $612,950 do require a 25% down payment of the overage of the "ZERO down" Loan Limit of $612,950 ).

Make it a point to visit a page in my website in regards to Veterans & current Active Military in San Diego. There you will find very helpful information and answers to questions you may have.

Thank you for your service to this great land we call home - AMERICA the beautiful !!                                                                                                                                                                          

Oscar Castillo :  BROKER - REALTOR®

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