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Spring Cleaning "Projects"

Posted By Oscar Castillo @ Mar 29th 2017 12:22pm In: All San Diego CA Real Estate

Spring Cleaning projects

Say goodbye to winter and hello to spring! Time to open the doors, windows and slide doors to freshen up your home. And yes, time to take on those spring cleaning projects.

I guarantee you that if you try to do all your spring cleaning at once, you will “tire out” and more-than-likely you will not finish all the projects you had in mind. So you don’t get too “tired out” and give up halfway through your projects, make a “to-do” list and aim to accomplish several tasks per day. Whether it’s dusting off the bookshelves, organizing home office files, dusting the blinds or repainting a room and/or rooms, it will feel great at the end of each day to check off items listed on your “to-do” list.

An added bonus to spring cleaning is not only freshening up your home but think about this… now is the time and chance to donate any used, unused or unwanted items to local charities and/or your church of choice. This can be anything from unworn clothing, old toys your children are no longer playing with, or even that clunker sitting at the side of the house and/or the clunker taking up space in your garage. You’ll be surprised what you can find to donate once you start the spring cleaning process !

OK are you ready for helpful ideas? …Cool, here we go !!!!

Declutter - Out with the old and clear out the junk. If you haven’t worn a garment or used it in a year, in reality you probably don’t need it correct? Either donate your items or have a yard sale. Yard sales are also great to re-connect with your neighbors now that winter is over.

Freshen the Beds - Most all times comforters, blankets and pillows don’t need to be cleaned, but it is recommended that they be “aired out”. Take them outside and hang them on a drying rack or clothesline for a day to freshen up. I know, I know, clotheslines are from “days of old” so be creative in this regard. Either way “airing out” is the key.

Mattress Flip and Switch - Flip your mattress and rotate the head and foot positions as well. This will help the mattress maintain its shape and always ensure a comfortable night’s sleep.

Clean out the Fridge, Kitchen countertops & cupboards - For whatever reason, this task is one that we all tend to put off. So it is best to make it more manageable by breaking it down into sections. Throw away all refrigerator expired foods, then the expired canned foods and/or expired packaged foods in the cupboards. Once the fridge is clean and filled with fresh food, move on to cleaning the countertops, backsplash tiles, micro-wave and range/oven (don’t forget the range and/or cooktop grates).

Stay focused on the list - and clean one room at a time (bathrooms included). Don’t do like a bee or butterfly and buzz around from room-to-room and not “thoroughly” completing one.

Window Cleaning - Everybody loves a clean windows right?  But it is recommended that you do not use products that contribute to the erosion and will eventually damage the seal of dual pane windows. When the seal is damaged, air and moisture gets in between the two glass panes and now you have “sweat” between the two panes. We all have seen this either at our home or someone else’s home correct? Therefore try not to use window cleaning products that contain ammonia.

About the Exterior:

Remove outdoor debris or dead vegetation up against the house. Trim and/or cut back bushes at least 6-to-12 inches from house exterior walls.

Power Wash Exterior - Eaves, fascia, rain gutters, walls and garage doors.

Clean debris in the rain gutters – roof debris, tree leafs, dirt/mud, pine needles etc.

Clean the BBQ – no need to remind anybody about this one. As-you-know spring is a great time to entertain family, friends and neighbors. Have you ever noticed that when you are cooking, your visitors tend to hang around the BBQ? So a clean and sparkling BBQ will eliminate any unnecessary comments about its state of uncleanliness.

Now that you are done…. it’s time to party like a “ROCK STAR” !!

Spring Cleaning : OscarSellsHomes.com (858) 775-1057

And with all your extra time, maybe you enter in one of those “Air Guitar” contests at a local pub down the street :)

Happy Spring and Summer to all !!                                                                                                                                                                                                   

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