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 Carlsbad - East, CA


zip code:   92010

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Carlsbad-East is located north of Palomar Airport Road and east of El Camino Real. With the exception of one shopping center, the area is mostly all residential housing.

Because of the city's increasing population, the area was recently assigned the ZIP code 92010 by the U.S. Postal Service. The area consists mostly of single family homes, with larger lots found in the older area known as Chestnut Hills. Newer homes are in Calavera Hills, and there is one big remaining residential area waiting to be built called Robertson Ranch.

Calavera Hills is a planned community located near the intersection of College Boulevard and Carlsbad Village Drive (the community is bordered on the north by the Oceanside-Carlsbad city boundary). The western portion (phase I) was constructed mostly in the 1980s and the eastern portion (phase II) was finished in the mid-2000s.

  • Calavera Hills features two elementary schools, one middle school, a very large community park, numerous pocket parks, trails, an artificial lake, and single family, attached, and apartment units. Calavera Hills is subdivided into four neighborhoods (Barrington, Capistrano, Nantucket and Sheffield), each of which are maintained by a homeowners' association. Some, especially condominium developments, feature community pools. Calavera Hills Middle school is located in the area. Much of the community, especially around Calavera Lake, is designated open space. Numerous trails exist near Calavera Lake for public use, including a two-mile hike up 513-foot Calavera Mountain, a 22 million-year-old volcanic plug (which is a mass of volcanic rock that solidified in its vent and feeding system millions of years ago).

  • Summerhouse is a residential area built in 2005 and bordered by College Boulevard to the west and the to Calavera Natural Preserve to the east.

  • The Colony is an established residential neighborhood located just south of Calavera Hills community park. Homes in The Colony are desirable due to unique cottage style homes with shingle facades, large front and backyards, and quaint street names (named after Scottish towns).

  • Tanglewood is a condominium complex located between Carlsbad Village Drive, El Camino Real and Avenida de Lousia. Homes, landscaping, and a community pool are maintained by a homeowner association. Although all units in the neighborhood are townhomes, all residents benefit from separate garage units.

  • Robertson Ranch is a proposed development bordered by Tamarack Avenue, College Boulevard, and El Camino Real. Development is anticipated through 2010. It will most likely be the site of three schools.

  • Sunny Creek is a smaller single family development centered along College Boulevard east of El Camino Real. A shopping center is proposed for the area, construction of which has been delayed numerous times. When completed, it will be the only shopping district in northeast Carlsbad outside of the Tri-City area.

  • The Summit (north) is a townhouse development located east of Marron Road and west of the unimproved Haymar Drive.

  • The Summit (south) is a residential area built on a series of small hills, bordered by El Camino Real, Tamarack Avenue, and Carlsbad Village Drive. It is made up of several developments including Tamarack Point, Falcon Hills, and Carlsbad Meadows, which were completed in the late 1990s


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