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University City (UC) is located in the North-Central portion of San Diego close to the University of California (UCSD) and is also often referred to as UTC, short for University Towne Center, a shopping mall in the community.

The campus of the University of California, San Diego, from which the area derives its name, is to the west of the center of the neighborhood. Many of the professors teaching at UCSD live in the UC neighborhood.

There are two distinct parts of University City divided by Rose Canyon, featuring the Rose Canyon Open Space preserve, and railroad tracks passing through it. South of Rose Canyon lies the older part of University City, built in the 1960s and historically referred to as University Square, centered on Governor Drive. It is a mostly residential neighborhood along Governor Drive with many single family homes. Just southwest of the Governor Drive exit from I-805 is a commercially zoned area containing office parks. South UC was developed primarily in the 1960s and 70s.

The newer part of University City lies north of Rose Canyon; it is usually referred to as University Towne Centre (UTC). The entire area has also been nicknamed the "Golden Triangle" by commercial developers.

The topography of University City includes mesas and canyons such as Rose Canyon, San Clemente Canyon, and finger canyons that provide much of the open space. The canyons provide wildlife habitats with about 100 bird species migrating through the area plus natural views and opportunities for hiking, biking, and birding. The canyons are fire-managed and thus present small wildfire risks. In addition, motorists drive around the canyons, with I-5, Genessee Ave, and the I-805 being about 1 mile or so apart from each other at some points.


University City's Neighbors Include:

  • to the south: Clairemont

  • to the west: La Jolla

  • to the east: Miramar and Marine Corps Air Station Miramar

  • to the north: Sorrento Valley and Mira Mesa

The wildlife in Rose Canyon has over 99 species of birds including the California Gnatcatcher and California Least Tern which are considered endangered and listed federally as threatened species.

The plants and wildlife of Rose Canyon is known for its spring pools. The pools are located on the East end of the canyon adjacent to the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar (MCAS Miramar). Endemic endangered species have included the Orcutt's brodiaea (Brodiaea orcuttii), San Diego button celery (Eryngium aristulatum parishii), San Diego golden star (Muilla clevelandii), spreading navarretia (Navarretia fossalis), prostrate navarretia (Navarretia prostrata), California adder's tongue fern (Ophioglossum californicum), California Orcutt grass (Orcuttia californica), and San Diego Mesa Mint (Pogogyne abramsii).


University City's economy is anchored by the University of California San Diego campus which forms the north part of the community. Southern areas of University City are composed of a mix of single family homes, a retirement community, and a few condominiums. The north-central area, known as the "UTC" area is composed of a dense mix of condominiums and apartment complexes.

Besides containing three local shopping centers, there is also a large regional shopping mall referred to as UTC. This University Towne Center shopping mall is located north of Regents Road in University City. It is anchored by Sears, Nordstrom and Macy's. The north-eastern mesas of University City started to be developed for industrial and corporate use in 1991, and are home to several biotech, computer and financial companies. The northern part of University City also contains two major hospitals, Scripps Memorial and UCSD's Thornton Hospital, with surrounding medical office buildings.

North UC was developed primarily in the 1980s and 90s, and rapid growth and development continue. The UTC region was the site of a 2003 fire bombing of a condominium complex, causing 50 million dollars in damage to the Crossroads condominiums.

Regents Road bridge

During the original planning of University City, Regents Road was planned to be connected by a bridge running through Rose Canyon. With so much construction going on at the same time, Regents road was put on hold and was not connected from Governor Dr to Nobel Dr. 40 years later, the canyon is now surrounded by residential neighborhoods.

Some residents want the bridge constructed due to the time it takes for emergency vehicles to be transported between southern and northern University City. The fire department claimed that: "A bridge or the widening of Genesee Avenue would shorten response time for emergency vehicles in the neighborhood. It has one of the slowest response times in the city." Along with emergency centers nearby, Rose canyon provides the perfect environment for wildfires in UC. An emergency such as that would require evacuation, which for the citizens of UC would only leave one escape route, Genesee, already one of the busiest streets in the city.

Other residents want to cancel the construction of the bridge due to the disruption to wildlife and the community. The proposed bridge would be across Rose Canyon.


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